Current State Of Play with my C++ Engine

So, I have been quite for a long time, life has a habit of getting in the way like that though, I am sure if you are a regular follower of my blog(s), you know I have a tendency to pop in and out.

That said, I am doing a few things, still working on an XNA game (Killer Core) with Mark, have also been participating in an 8WeekGame competition, as well as try and port my existing XNA engine to MonoGame, and I hope this year to, again, be contributing to the fantastic Star Trek fan project ST:Excalibur.


So, where does that leave my C++ stuff, well on the back burner to be honest, but that said, it’s not dead, back in November last year, I mailed someone the source for the engine (warts and all), have not heard if they have found it of much use, but it was nice to know people still have an interest in it. This year my good friend Ed has asked if I would post about what I have done with it so far, and so that’s what I intend to do.

If you are interested in accessing my code directly then let me know I currently have it set up on, so if you are a member, let me know and I can add you and you can get the latest code as it changes.


What am I going to post about then?

Well, I thought I would tell you about the classes I have created in the engine, and explain a little about what they are trying to do. As you probably know, my background for graphics engines is in XNA, so I have tried to create an engine that reflects XNA so it’s easy for me to transition to C++ and DX11, and also means that a lot of the work I have done in my XNA engine I can bring with me to C++.

We have covered the creation of devices and a window in earlier posts, so I am going to skip over that here and just go to the classes. I’ll probably do a post for each class that way I can put a bit more detail into the posts (hope enough for you).

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